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Because every job is different, we have developed multiple systems and strategies to effectively control pest infestations. First, on every job, we send a certified inspector to evaluate your situation. This estimate is always free.After a thorough inspection, we develop an estimate for your review. Services offered include, but are not limited to, baiting systems, perimeter treatments, and interior applications. Some jobs require a general clean-out, others require regular treatments that will be applied monthly on a 12 month agreement. or call our office and ask about our one time treatment options.

Once a year Annuals:we offer once a year annuals, call for details....

Our Residential Pest Control Services Include:

  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Spiders
  • Rodent control
  • All other common pests

Our Commercial Pest Control Services Include:

  • School pest control
  • Hospital pest control
  • Nursing home pest control
  • Institutional pest control
  • Restaurant pest control



Roaches invade in a variety of ways. They are incredible survivors and reproduce at an unbelievable rate. If you see one, there are certainly many more hiding in cabinets or other dark places. Roaches are controlled by baiting and by applying pesticides and growth regulators. It is also critical to eliminate areas where they harbor.Other common pests include silverfish,ants,and spiders. They are controlled using effective interior and exterior treatments specific to each pest.

Bed bugs

are the new hot topic in pest control. Although studies indicate that they do not spread disease, they do harbor human pathogens, their bites produce allergic reactions, they travel to new places easily, and they reproduce very quickly. We control bed bugs using the most effective EPA-approved insecticides available.


Mice can easily make your space their home. They carry disease, infest food and leave embarrassing evidence of their mischief. Mice are controlled by baiting and eliminating access areas.


Termites need to eat the cellulose in wood to survive. They are best controlled by a Chemical barriers.

There are two kinds of homes in Kentucky; those that have termites, and those that WILL have termites. The same weather that attracts scores of tourists to Kentucky each year also acts as the ideal breeding ground for billions of termites. With Kentucky homeowners living under constant threat of invasion, Kentucky termite control is a full time job.

Despite their small size, these pests can cause catastrophic damage to property. Few realize that Kentucky termites cause more structural damage than fires, storms and floods combined. These insects can enter a structure through a hole as small as 1/64th of an inch. A single free inspection by a Allan's Termite & Pest Control, Inc. professional could save you thousands of dollars in damages.

Although Kentucky termite control can prove challenging, fundamental preventative measures exist to help the average homeowner. Basic Kentucky termite control includes addressing areas of the home which are more attractive to termites. These consist of wood to soil contact, moisture/water leaks, and construction defects.

Despite the millions of dollars in damages caused by termites each year, insurance companies do not cover Kentucky termite control costs under typical homeowner's policies. It is the sole responsibility of the homeowner to pay all Kentucky termite control related costs. The most effective method of Kentucky termite control is hiring professionals.

But remember, when dealing with a Kentucky termite control company, Kentucky homeowners have rights! A reputable Kentucky termite control company must complete an inspection of ALL parts of the structure to determine the overall condition of the property in regard to wood-infesting pests. This information must be made available to any home buyer, as well as the seller or lending institution, Realtor or mortgage insuring agency. These Kentucky termite control inspectors are required to receive additional training in the biological activities and habits of wood-destroying organisms. Their identification cards will reflect this additional training by indicating “ 7B on them. You may ask to see the identification card of any Kentucky termite control expert.

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We believe effective pest-control is a partnership with each customer. After more than 42 years of success, we’ve found

the best results are obtained when our treatments are

combined with environmental practices that discourage

re-infestations. That’s why our service includes educating customers on what they can do to reduce the likelihood the

pests will return.